UV Resin Curing Box  光固化机

UV Resin Curing Box, DIY Curing Machine 405nm for LCD DLP SLA 3D Printer Model, 360° Rotating Turntable, Timer Control, Large Curing Size, White

  • 【Value and Accessibility】Acrylic board structure, DIY assembly, effectively saving printing costs. The UV light is composed of 6 high powered 405nm UV LED lights that can fully cure the printed model in minutes. It is compatible with most standard 405nm resins and is suitable for most LCD, DLP or SLA 3D printing curing.

  • 【Individuation Time Control】The curing time of each resin printing model is different, you can control the curing time according to your printing model. You only need to press a button to control the curing time from 0s to 600s.

  • 【360° Uniform Curing】SUNLU UV Resin Curing Light Box is equipped with a 360° rotating turntable, the speed is about 10 revolutions per minute, so that the model can be uniformly cured.

  • 【User-friendly Design and Safe】SUNLU UV Resin Curing Box With special optical filter material, ultraviolet rays are kept away from leakage to ensure excellent curing effect. And there is a door sensor, when you open the door the lights go off and the curing stops, that’s to prevent direct expose your hands or eyes to UV.

  • 【Good After-Sales Service】After-Sales Service and Technical Support are provided. If you have any questions about our UV Resin Curing Light Box, you can contact us at any time.

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