Founded in 2013 in the "Printing Supplies Capital" - Zhuhai. Sunlu is an international 3D printing consumables company that integrates R&D, production, and sales services. It has rich R&D experience and technical capabilities in 3D printing consumables, 3D printing pens and handwriting, and is strategically emerging in the country. Industrial projects, 3D printed materials research and development bases and key technology research project undertaking units. (It now owns two subsidiaries: Anhui Sunlu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Sunlu Technology Co., Ltd.)

SUNLU has successfully developed various types of 3D printing consumables such as PLA, ABS, PCL, HIPS, PA, PC, PETG, PVA, luminous variable, conductive, and a new generation of 3D printing pens, as well as Panda Technology's smart LCD tablet. The company has its own proprietary intellectual property patent formula and its own professionally developed production line. It has a wide range of applications. The product has successfully passed RoHS and other test certifications. Through independent innovation, it has obtained a number of national technology patent certificates and awards in the 3D printing industry at an international leading level.

   The company adhering to the "integrity focus on innovation and pragmatic" corporate philosophy, while striving for the company forward, while we continue to forge ahead, focus on promoting the world's 3D printing industry innovation and development.

SUNLU Exists For Dream

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