FilaDryer S1 
Model No.: FilaDryer S1
N.W: 980g
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SUNLU FilaDryer S1: The most affordable 3D priting-mate

3D printing has set off a new trend in the technology circle, making people more and more feel the convenience and fun that 3D printing brings to work and life. But at the same time, the dampness of consumables has become an important factor affecting 3D printing. They are often difficult to identify, which continues to plague many printing jobs-the accumulation of moisture in consumables.

Most consumables easily absorb moisture from the air. When the moisture content in the filament increases, the printability decreases and may cause the consumables to fail to print.

In the past three years, SUNLU team has conducted in-depth research efforts to solve this problem. We finally came up with a powerful solution-Fila Dryer S1.

Fila Dryer series printers have truly realized the efficient use of printing while drying, only need to build consumables in it, and dry them in advance, you can print consumables with high quality and high efficiency.

SUNLU Team conducted a comparative test, printing the same 3D model with the same   filament and printer. We can see that the model with the FilaDryer S1 and the printing model without drying, the surface of the two models is smooth and the gloss has a significant difference.


In order to produce a truly outstanding product, every detail of its design must be carefully considered, and our team has created a device that is both beautiful and practical. The stylish design and the integration of drying and printing of Fila Dryer series make it to be an ideal partner for printing supplies in any workshop or studio.

High Performance

Fila Dryer S1 is very suitable for consumer artists and designers. It is an integrated 3D printing consumable solution for drying and printing, which can perfectly meet the needs of various occasions and enlarge the fun of 3D printers.

Work Partner

If you own your own 3D printing studio, this dryer will be your job "personal assistant", he can help you save filament completely.

Dustless, neat and remarkable

The appearance of SUNLU FilaDryer S1 is excellent. From the bottom to the top, the translucent appearance allows you not only to see the drying process but also the ash prevention function is extremely significant.

SUNLU   is a team of innovative passion and dare to challenge. We hope to give loyal supporters and new fans the first opportunity to experience our latest technology and updates, and a faster product line. Dryer with rewards and early bird specials.

We love to be a member of the Kickstarter community and hope that our products can help innovators, artists and professionals contribute to art, science and society through innovative 3D printing technology. With your help, we can share our passion for creativity and technology and help make the world a better place. Thank you all!


1.Promise: SUNLU is an independent company dedicated to the research, development and sales of 3D printing products and solutions. Established in 2013, we have rapidly grown into one of the world's leading professional suppliers of 3D printer printing pens and so on. We promise that all prices of this event are lower than the final retail version. The purpose of this event is to absorb the opinions and suggestions of supporters to obtain the final retail version.2. Legal differences between countries: Regulations vary greatly between different regions and countries, especially for electronic products. We will take all precautions to ensure that our products and transportation policies comply with local regulations in all areas, but there may be a slight delay in meeting compliance requirements. 3. Expected delivery in October 2020: Although the product is currently ready for mass production, according to our experience, there is always room for improvement. This is why we believe that the October delivery date will give us time to ensure that the dryer is acceptable and should be the best product. 4. Risk: It is important to understand that unexpected things can happen, and sometimes it is difficult to predict. Transport delays may be due to trade wars and viruses. Because we have R&D and production lines ourselves, the biggest risk is transportation. In the event of shipping delays, we will ensure that all supporters are notified and communicate in a completely transparent manner.

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